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Little Ladies! - Lucifer - 01-30-2016 06:45 PM

Hello! Some of you might recognize me from when I used to be active on here. Sadly, I do not have any hamsters now days after losing my last boy a short while back.

But after a lot of thought and patience, ( been waiting for rats to come into the 'adoption' section of my local Pets at Home ) I went in today and saw that someone had given up two little female rats.

It didn't take me long to decide to have them! I still need to choose their names but currently, I am letting them settle into their cage for the evening and will start handling them tomorrow.

[Image: 12662569_10153529830508515_1562429432961...e=5733EB8B]

I'm leaning towards some Disney names so far, like Mulan and Tiana? But it always takes me forever to decide.


RE: Little Ladies! - hammyhugs - 01-30-2016 08:01 PM

I have always wanted a pet rat they are adorable hunny. Unfortunately I couldn't see the picture you posted. The ones I have known have been very affection and nuzzle you when you cuddle them.

Please keep us posted.

Jo xx

RE: Little Ladies! - Lucifer - 01-30-2016 08:54 PM

I have edited the post, hopefully the picture is showing now. It's been awhile since I have posted one on here, haha.

I will do! The two of them are so friendly, especially the bigger girl. She grabbed hold of my hand earlier and groomed me loads whilst I returned the favor with some gentle scratches, my heart melted.

RE: Little Ladies! - hammyhugs - 01-31-2016 05:47 PM

I can see the picture now love and they are just adorable. It must have been wonderful when she groomed you, I must admit I didn't think they did that which has added to their appeal. Look forward to hearing much more about them hun. I love those two names also.

JO xx

RE: Little Ladies! - fullcheeks - 02-01-2016 02:32 PM

Oh wow they are so lovely, good luck deciding the names. I usually have that trouble also and sometimes wait to see their characters and try to find a nice name to compliment that.

Thumbs up

RE: Little Ladies! - hammyhugs - 02-08-2016 09:51 PM

How are they getting on love?

JO xx

RE: Little Ladies! - ilovemyhamster - 06-26-2016 07:20 PM

How sweet xx Currently can't see the picture but I'm imagining the cutest little things in my head! as for names I don't want to be all ...pushy?? but maybe you could name them yin and yang... those names always appealed to me hide

all the best regards